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Core courses

Core Courses

Computer Network

Web Programming, Computer Networks, Network Management Practices, Internet Security, Network Programming, Introduction to Wireless Networks, Wireless Communication Networks, Cloud Computing, Network Service Quality Assurance and Traffic Engineering, Wireless Mesh Networks and Resources Management, Random Automotive Mobile Network, Wireless Mesh Network and Resource Optimization, Next-Generation Mobile Network, Personal Communication Systems, Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID).

System Software

Database Application System Design, Information Security, Software Engineering, Mobile Device Programming, Embedded Systems, Linux Systems, Data Mining, Electronic Circuits, Android Programming, Compiler, Information Theory and Information Compression, Big Data Analytics, Linux Certification, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography, Hardware Description Language, Machine Learning, Advanced Mobile Device Software Design.

Multimedia and Image Processing 

Multimedia Software Applications, Flash Multimedia Programming, Multimedia Introduction, Matlab Software Development, Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Window Programming, Computer Vision, Multimedia Coding and Transmission, Multimedia Security, Augmented Reality, Somatosensory Interaction Design.


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